PK Sound Trinity Array in Unreal Engine 4

PK Sound Trinity Array in Unreal Engine 4

Brandon Rosado

I am a 19 year old 3D graphics artist who sparked an interest with 3D graphics in 2007 after initially using the Halo Editing Kit to create and develop custom weapons, vehicles, and levels for the video game Halo. After expanding my interest, I spent several years modeling creations of my own. I self taught myself all the specifics and variables of control throughout the entire software through many late night dates with YouTube. 

I now am a Freelance 3D Graphics Artist for hire in which I take several mini jobs by whoever needs them. On the side I am working with a company called Lobal Technologies to create virtual reality experiences for the Oculus Rift. Now residing in Tampa, FL, I am a student at the University of South Florida chasing a degree in Civil Engineering. 

Modeling Statement

When modeling, I focus on precision and accuracy. I aim for my models to have an amount of detail that really gives the viewer a lot to indulge in. When observing objects in real life, I take in a flustering amount of small parts and spare pieces, in which I aim to fully recreate in the digital world.


For Hire

In business I always aim to share the vision you wish to see and bring it to reality with my skillset.

For any comments or questions to hire; please contact:

Call / Text: 772-260-2433

Payment will be negotiated. Down payment required on larger projects. I prefer flat one-time pricing over hourly waging, but either works. Preferred payment method is PayPal.


Autodesk 3D Studio Max Design

V-Ray 3.0 Renderer

Unreal Engine 4