Asset Creation (Basic 3D Modeling)

Being a user of 3ds max for several years now, I have become attuned to the methods and skills required for producing a great 3D model. My most simplistic service is the creation of 3D models with no further purpose. I can be used as a development artist in which my assets are handed off to other team member to continue the development process. If the project is based on a real world sample, I aim for accuracy and precision. If it is based off a concept or idea, my goal is to impress you and help you bring your vision to life with my skills.

Architectural Rendering

For architectural rendering, I take your plans or drawings and conjure a scene that would accurately represent your design if it was already real. Using the V-Ray Render plugin, I aim to bring photorealistic qualities to the results, to really give you, or your viewers a convincing and exciting piece, while also simply displaying what the place would look like in reality, whether an interior scene, or exterior scene.

Product Rendering

If you have a product in the design stage, or sketches/concepts of a product you would like to have manufactured, I will help you bring the idea to life with photorealistic images of what that product would look like. I can also recreate an existing product of yours an make studio shots as a preview for the product on a website like Amazon.

Event Virtualization

If you wish to have your event virtualized, I will create your venue in full detail to later be harnessed by Unreal Engine 4, which is a real-time graphics engine. Whether an existing event, or a new idea, this essentially puts your show in the hands of a video game. I will model your desired world from scratch, whether it be a park, a venue, or a nightclub, etc. Starting with staging and lighting, I use the highest quality graphics engine to bring you a realistic representation of what it would like. This is useful for concept design, marketing, art, or integration to virtual reality, in which the world can be programmed from then on to do virtually anything you wish. There are no limits.


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For rendering services, having AutoCAD files available will result in a significant discount.**